ibaIBA-PBL Merger Has Ended

May 24, 2013

(BOURBONNAIS, Ill) – The Independent Basketball Association announced today that the merger that began in January of this year between the IBA and PBL has ended. On May 21, it was determined that the PBL officials and the owner of the Rochester RazorSharks were involved in actions determined to be detrimental to the League regarding the 2013 IBA-PBL Playoffs. In result, the IBA immediately removed the Rochester RazorSharks from the League, then removed the PBL name and teams from the brand. The League will return to and be branded as the formerly known and recognized Independent Basketball Association.


Contrary to previous reports, the IBA never requested or received any travel fees from the PBL. The Rochester RazorSharks were required to pay a travel credit. The travel credit was divided between three out of region teams including the Lansing Capitals, Gary Splash and Kankakee County Soldiers. All other claims regarding financial requests for travel  gained from the PBL are false.

The IBA will continue to build in communities across the country with a focus on operating with integrity and growing minor league basketball in a sustainable and professional manor. The IBA is preparing for it's Spring 2013 Playoffs and looks forward to crowning a new IBA Champion,” said Barry Bradford, President of the IBA.